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What to Wear to a Christening

Feel comfortable and look great at your next Christening

Deciding what to wear to a Christening may seem like a daunting task… Unless your invitation includes a dress code, you’re bound to feel a little unsure what style to go with! To help out, we’ve compiled our favourite Christening-friendly styles for some outfit inspiration.

Whether you choose a dress or a blouse with stylish trousers, the main goal of dressing for a Christening is to look smart. Find the perfect outfit and you’ll be feeling confident and comfortable all day long.

Things to Remember...

  • What are the plans for after the Christening? For example, if your Christening is followed by a garden party, you may need a cardigan or even a jacket, depending on the weather.
  • Colder venues call for long sleeves, while warm days call for lighter garments, such as knee length floaty skirts that will help to keep you cool.
  • Feel free to wear black to a Christening, but try to avoid funeral outfits (read on below to find out how!)
  • Don’t be afraid of colours. Pastels such as baby pink and blue are classics for a reason.
  • Dress for comfort. Choose soft, breathable materials like viscose and cotton, or go something from our bra-friendly collection.

Colours & Prints

Wearing white to a Christening is traditional as it symbolises purity and rebirth – but remember there are no set rules when it comes to colours at a Christening. If you choose a black top or dress, add a little something extra to match the upbeat mood of the event; subtle floral prints, lace trims and shiny fabrics are perfect.

For summer and springtime Christenings, you can’t go wrong with wearing more vibrant colours. We love florals and stripes, because they are uplifting and modern - and they’re sure to stand out in photographs. A ditsy floral makes a fun twist on the regular flowery print, featuring tiny repeating patterns for a more vintage-inspired look.


Statement Sleeves

One of our favourite trending styles right now is a puff sleeve. Whether it’s on a dress or a blouse, puff sleeves create a feminine silhouette that’s perfect for a Christening. We love puff sleeves paired with a square neck and a flowing maxi skirt in the summer; or a button-up shirt for a sophisticated look in the cooler months.

Wrap Dresses

A wrap dress is another great option for a Christening. The waist tie will flatter your figure, and some of these styles also include tummy-flattering panels for an even sleeker look. Simply fasten the waist tie on the front, side or back of the dress. Remember to choose features that will keep you comfortable – such as adjustable straps, stretchy bodices and pockets.

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Christening Style FAQ

Can you wear white to a christening?

  • Yes! In fact, white is the traditional colour to wear to a Christening. You can’t go wrong wearing a white dress – whether it’s plain, lace, or finished with a floral print.

Can I wear black to a Christening?

  • It’s fine to wear black to a Christening, but some black clothes might be too simple or gloomy for a celebration. Brighten up an all-black look by including a print, lace details or metallic features.

Can I wear a sleeveless top or dress to a Christening?

  • You sure can. If your ceremony is in the height of summer, this might be the most comfortable and fashionable choice.

Are there any rules about wearing pink or blue at a Christening?

  • It’s a myth that you should wear blue to a boy’s Christening and pink to a girl’s Christening. Unless specified on the invitation, feel free to wear any colour you like.

Can you wear a short skirt to a Christening?

  • As long as you look smart, presentable and family-friendly, a shorter hem is usually fine to wear to a Christening.


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