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Autumn Styling Ideas

As it gets colder but the sun is still shining, we can expect chilly mornings with warm afternoons, followed by cold nights to end the day. Dressing up becomes a little more complicated as we start planning what to wear in autumn without packing away the summer wardrobe we’ve grown to love. The answer is simple: layering! Say goodbye to feeling under-dressed in the mornings and over-dressed the rest of the day because we’re going to show you how to layer clothes, including layering over your summer faves and how these easy-to-wear styles can be worn just as easily when it starts to get warmer. Here is your fashion guide to getting you through the transitional season with wardrobe essentials, go-to accessories that everyone has and how to update your wardrobe with autumn tones.

What to wear in Autumn

Our favourite part of transitional autumn styling is that it’s 2 seasons in one and your summer dresses can be worn again and you’re already getting wear of your new autumn pieces. This is how we can combine both and layer for autumn. 

Jackets and coats

You can’t go wrong with that staple coat or jacket, whether it’s over a dress or jeans and a nice top. When you’re looking for what coat to wear in autumn, look for the classic colours that match with your wardrobe and if you’re looking for a statement, subtle prints and patterns are easier to style with most of the items in you already own. 

Another pro-tip for layering is to get out those blazers! It makes the look a little smarter and formal as well as working as another layer. 

Knits and cardigans

Who doesn’t love knitwear season, a cosy oversized fit that looks effortless for any occasion? For autumn styling, we’d suggest thin fabrics with cropped details – whether that’s short sleeves or completely sleeveless or short length with an open front so you have the option. 

Layer under with basics 

This one can be a bit tricky when it comes to removing layers but it’s a great way to keep those summer favourites in rotation for the autumn. Layer thin long sleeve basic tops under your blouses and dresses to keep you warmer. Go all the way and go for a thin turtleneck top under your camisole dresses and tops for a 90’s inspired look.  


Get autumn ready

Looking for what to wear in autumn can feel overwhelming to begin with but we’re categorising your potential looks so you know what you love and what to shop for.

Dresses: Long sleeves are an effortless go-to for autumn styling, great for layering under padded gilets or sleeveless knits and over thinner basics (think thin long sleeve t-shirts) without losing any of the elegance. Extra points for sheer sleeves which are a statement whilst still allowing for effortless comfort.

Blouses: This is not the time to say goodbye to your sheer blouses and floral prints, if anything, it’s the best time to wear them even more! Grab a long sleeve basic t-shirt to layer underneath for added warmth or pair a sleeveless knitted vest with a printed long sleeve blouse for a classic preppy look.

Trousers: Wide leg trousers are perfect for keeping you cool in the summer but just as good layered over tights when it's colder or alternatley cropped culottes are great over over shorter leggings; so rest assured you don't have to give up comfort in the Autumn months. Style with a thin knit or a layered blouse and heeled mid-calf boots for an effortless yet cosy look.

How to layer a dress

We’re going to show you exactly how to layer a dress for autumn and how it is to delayer as it gets warmer through the day. 

Step 1: Choose a dress with long sleeves and an Autumnal colour palette

Step 2: Throw on some tights or cosy socks

Step 3: Add a scarf for a stylish accessory and any other jewellery you want

Step 4: Grab a leather jacket for a cool and chic layer

Step 5: Finish with ankle boots, heeled or flat, the choice is yours

Sun shining and feeling a little warm? Take off the scarf and the leather jacket and you’ll feel instantly cooler; without losing any style from your look. And don’t be afraid of quickly sneaking away to take off your tights that can easily be slipped into your bag or pocket. Easy!



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