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What to Wear on Holiday

Hooray! You’re off on holiday – time to kick back and relax. But wait, what will you pack to wear during your trip?

Picking a holiday capsule wardrobe can be tricky. You need to consider several factors from the weather, to activities you’ll be doing and how long you’ll be gone for. All these can make a difference to what ends up inside your suitcase.

Packing space is always limited, so mastering the knack of choosing versatile items that can be worn on repeat in a multitude of different styles is essential.

Read on to find inspiration on which key pieces we think work best for a holiday closet, so you can feel prepared no matter where you’re travelling to.

The City break 

Trips to a foreign city usually involve lots of walking, as you explore the streets and discover the famous sights. So keep your clothes comfortable. The trick to nailing a city break capsule wardrobe is: layering!

First make sure you know what weather to expect so you can decide whether you’ll need heavy duty warm layers, or lightweight breathable ones.

Pack a sensible jacket or coat, considering which styles will suit the city you’ll be in. A longline cosy puffer offers great insulation for colder temperatures, while a classic trench coat or blazer can be a good option for warmer climates.

Take a good pair of fitted trousers, and pack some denim, like a versatile fitted skirt which can be both dressed up or down by swapping a t-shirt and sweater for a smart blouse and heels.

Make sure to pack one or two cardigans to add a warm layer over any of your outfit combinations – be careful with busy prints that may not match with everything. Stick to clock colours that’ll brighten up your look without clashing with other items.

A versatile shirt dress is a good addition too. It can be worn in a multitude of ways, paired with tights and boots, or left unbuttoned and layered over a top and leggings.

Sun, Sea & Sand 

The best thing about packing for a warm weather destination is that you’ll want almost everything in your capsule wardrobe to be lightweight.

If you’ll be spending most of your time sunbathing by the pool or at the seaside, then two or three swimsuits and a handful of relaxed fit cover-ups will be ample for daytime wear. Maxi dresses, loose kaftans or shirt dresses are all great options, keeping you cool and protecting from the strong sun. Look for styles in breathable fabrics such as viscose, linen or cotton.

By night, you can elevate your maxi dresses by swapping sandals for heels and adding an elegant clutch bag. Pack a couple of light and breathable blouse tops and team with a floaty midi skirt. But make sure to choose patterns and colours that all work together so you can easily mix and max different combinations from one evening to another.  

If you’ll be sightseeing, think about adding a couple of t-shirts or loose shirts that can be tucked into shorts or cropped culottes. Bring a good pair of comfortable sandals and finish your look with statement sunglasses and a glamorous thick-brimmed sunhat.

Mountain Retreat

The higher the altitude the cooler the temperatures, even if the sun is shining! On a mountainous destination make sure you bring a capsule wardrobe to keep you warm.   

Pack plenty of knits, pullovers and cardigans. High neck styles such as cowl and turtlenecks are good options to keep you protected from icy winds. Knitted dresses, which you can pair with some leggings or thick tights are great for evenings, looking stylish as well as being practical and comfortable. Finish your look with a statement necklace or metallic waist belt.

A heavy knit scarf, beany hat and gloves are all essential outerwear items, and choose a padded coat with both a high-rise collar and hood to keep you insulated if the temperatures get really cold. Bring a pair of waterproof boots for daytime wear, and a more elegant pair of knee-length boots for evenings out.

Despite cool high-altitude temperatures, the sun is strong up in the mountains. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, and pack lighter colours that will reflect the sun’s rays, rather than darker tones that tend to absorb them - that way you won’t overheat in your warm clothes.

Trip to the Country

Whether you’re travelling during summer or winter, a few days in the countryside requires practical and comfortable clothes.

Lots of ambling around on country lanes and rural landscapes will require you to have a sturdy pair of shoes, so unless you’ll be tottering around a luxury country hotel, this is probably a trip to leave the stilettos at home!

If the weather will be warm, pack layers. Mornings will usually be cool and damp, so start the day pairing jeans with a breathable cotton tee, layered with a cosy sweater that can be removed later as the day warms up.

Bring a thick jacket or longline coat, and pack few pairs of comfortable trousers that can be teamed with a variety of knitted tops and cardigans. Pick combinations that can interchange with each other so you can get the most out of all the items you bring, being mindful of busy prints that can be difficult to match up.

Countryside holidays often involve staying in at night and cosying up by a roaring fire, so think about bringing your favourite loungewear, such as comfortable pull-on trousers, an oversized jumper and some fluffy thick socks or slippers! 

Top Ways to Nail a Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have everything needed for the perfect holiday closet.

  1. Consider the weather: lightweight, breathable fabrics, such as viscose, linen or cotton for warm weather destinations, and thicker styles like wool for cooler temperatures. Don’t forget your waterproofs if it’s likely to be rainy, and statement sunglasses are essential in a sunny climate!
  2. Don’t over pack: the whole point of a successful capsule wardrobe is that you keep your luggage light. Be clever with your choices. Many items can be both elevated and dressed down, so don’t waste valuable space packing separate day and evening clothes.
  3. Co-ordinate: pick items that can work in multiple combinations. Stick mostly with neutral, block colours, and add a couple of versatile prints to liven things up. Accessories can also work wonders at finishing off a look.
  4. Keep it looking fresh: try to choose fabrics that don’t crease easily or need ironing before wearing. Think about dresses in non-iron stretch fabrics such as jersey, which you can literally grab from the closet, pull on and go!


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