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Wedding Guest Style Guide

What To Wear To A Wedding

And just like that, from the moment you’ve received the invitation, it’s already time to start planning what you’re going to wear to the wedding. Do you go for something subtle and blend into the background or something unique that will have everyone’s head turning - without upstaging the bride (of course!).

The last thing we would want is a fashion mishap, but don’t fret, we’re coming to the rescue. So let’s get you prepared this wedding season and get your wedding guest style sorted with effortless styles, statement prints and elegant silhouettes, without breaking the unwritten wedding guest dress codes. 

We’ve created the ultimate guide and included simplified and uncomplicated dress options for any kind of wedding you have coming up. Keep scrolling on to find out what to wear and not wear to a wedding from Izabel London!

Wedding Guest Dresses

What To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest 

The clues are in the invite. Most wedding invites have semi-formal as their dress code but how formal to go can vary based on everyone’s individual idea of what is formal. A great tip is to have a quick look at what the venue looks like to decide the level of formal you’d like to go. For example, you may opt for a semi-formal look for an outdoor wedding compared to a strict black tie for a cathedral venue. 

Here’s a quick summary of the type of wedding dress codes:


This is as fancy as it gets. Black-tie events usually happen in the late afternoon/ evening and require a formal floor length gowns. There are some exceptions where a cocktail dress is acceptable and this is if they include black-tie ‘optional’ anywhere in the invite. It’s slightly less formal but still dressed up enough to be considered formal.


Not as formal as black-tie but not a casual as a summers dress you’d wear on a brunch date, semi-formal is a balancing act of elegance, comfort and venue appropriate attire. You can include floor length dresses (not gowns) in this list and bring out the dressy skirts and cocktail dresses. 


This includes any themed or destination weddings. It’s all about where the wedding is happening. Outdoor venue could mean more laid-back styles that make sense in the environment. Midi dresses with block heels are perfect for garden style venues, whereas a summer dress with wedges or cute sandals makes sense for beach destination.

Tea Dresses | Izabel London

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Now that we know what the invite says, we can start to think about what looks great on us in terms of style, fit, print and fabric. 

Summer time is by far the most favourite time to have a wedding with the sunshine, blue skies and warm breezes. We need prints and styles that fit perfectly with the weather and make you look and feel amazing. 

Midi Dresses

Ditsy floral prints are the just right balance between an effortless statement and subtle statement style. Our floral tie front midi dress stands out from the crowd with its distinctive tie detail front that adds flattering drapes at the waist. Drape and flowy styles look amazing when you’re in motion and have a slow breeze coming through. This stunning orange colour is unique yet understated and looks beautiful with silver accessories and strappy heels. For more floral dress options, shop our Floral Dresses or Summer Dresses.

Wedding Guest Dresses | Izabel London

For more formal/semi-formal attire, you can’t go wrong with midi or maxi dresses. Don’t be afraid to go long in this Izabel London exclusive flared midi dress. When it comes to classic details, the short flared sleeves and tea dress silhouette is an easy go-to for any wedding. Add some dainty jewellery, strappy heels and a statement small clutch and you’re ready to go.  Find the most comfortable style whether that’s flattering Wrap Dresses or floor skimming Maxi Dresses your options are here.

What Not To Wear To A Wedding 

There are some things to avoid that you should certainly keep in mind. Apart from the obvious over the top outfits, dresses with embellishments and sparkle at a daytime wedding could be shining in the wrong way. Avoid excessive glitter designs that can stand out in pictures and have people looking away because of the reflection. Be eye catching but less obvious, save that for the party.  

Can you wear white to a wedding? The short answer is no, unless you’ve specifically been told to. We’d suggest avoiding colours like beige, red and the colour the bridesmaids will be wearing. Go ahead and wear darker shades like black and navy if it fits the theme, especially for an evening wedding event. 

What To Pack For A Wedding Guest 

We would be the first to remind you how unpredictable the weather can be so it’s always good to be prepared regardless. 

Pack a shawl or an elegant layering piece that compliments your outfit - perfect for an extra bit of glam later in the day or for when it gets chillier in the evening. 

After a day of socializing and dancing, the end of the night usually means heels in hand. Pack a pair of flats for a quick swap and it won’t leave you looking any less put together.

The most important thing is to be you and feel like you, there’s a dress out there for everyone. Consider all your options at Izabel London whether you’re the mother of the bride or guest at your distant relatives wedding your new favourite wedding guest dress is here


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