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Social Responsibility

Izabel London Social Responsibility 

At Izabel London LTD. we continuously strive to uphold our core values of passion, innovation, creativity and excellence. We take our social responsibility seriously; we have an in-house team of specialists who ensure we maintain our high standards across all areas of our business from labour & human rights to sustainability and fairness.
+ Izabel London LTD. and our core partners are members of SEDEX (the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), a non-profit organisation which provides access to independent and detailed third-party audit reports of suppliers and factories.
+ Our suppliers are required to have a SMETA (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit) to assess the quality of their operations.
+ Audits are strengthened by unannounced audits by our in-house Sourcing and Compliance team who work to ensure suppliers and partners are compliant with local laws & regulations.



As a fast growing business we recognise our duty to care for the people we partner with to create our products. We take our supply chain operations and conduct regular audits of each and every one of our suppliers ensuring we retain a high standard across human & labour rights for those who work with us and our partnered suppliers.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our suppliers and partners to create better working standards and work to ensure our supply chain is transparent and ethical. The auditing bodies that allow us to reliably maintain high standards of human & labour rights include BSCI and Sedex.
Izabel London Auditing Bodies for Ethical and Responsible Sourcing
We are committed to combating slavery and human trafficking and to acting with integrity in all its dealings, relationships, and supply chains. It expects the same high standards from all its staff, suppliers, contractors, and those with whom it does business. This policy applies to all employees, workers, consultants, and other persons doing business with Izabel London LTD.

Izabel London LTD’s Code of Conduct advises suppliers & partners that the below requirements be met.

+ Employment should be freely chosen: there should be no forced, involuntary or bonded labour. All workers should be able to leave their employer after a reasonable notice period has been met.
+ Child labour must not be used: suppliers must not use child labour in the manufacturing or any other process. Suppliers must also have sufficient policies in place regarding slavery and human trafficking.
+ Harsh & inhumane treatment is prohibited: physical abuse, discipline, the threat of physical abuse, sexual or other any other form of harassment, verbal abuse, or any form intimidation shall be prohibited.
+ Suppliers & partners must comply with local laws: Izabel London Ltd. expects all suppliers and partners to be in compliance with local laws and regulations in countries of operation.
+ Suppliers & partners must meet the minimum wages: wages and benefits for employees should meet the relevant minimum wage standard.
+ Work place discrimination prohibited: there should be no discrimination on the basis of any of the following; race, nationality, religious preference, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation.
+ Suppliers must comply with all laws and regulations regarding the protection and preservation of the environment which are relevant.
+ Working conditions must be safe & hygienic: a safe and hygienic working environment must be provided. Steps must be taken to prevent accidents and injury occurring in during working hours. Workers should receive regular health and safety training, and such training is required be repeated for new employees.
+ Working hours must not be excessive: working hours must comply with national laws and industry standards.
+ The supplier will conduct itself with proper business integrity: there shall be no improper advantage sought, including bribes, to secure delivery of goods or services.

Izabel London LTD. and its core partners actively work to reduce energy consumption, waste materials and strive to reduce our environmental impact.

+ We expect all suppliers to comply with all relevant laws & regulations pertaining to the protection and preservation of the environment. Regular audits are conducted on all suppliers and partners to ensure these regulations and laws are met.
+ All of our paper, cardboard and plastic waste from our offices, warehouses and distribution centre is widely recycled.
+ We recycle & re-use our warehouse packaging wherever we can.
+ All packaging materials are recyclable where possible including our packaging for online orders.
+ 80% of all of our garments are suitable for cool machine washes and hand washing, which reduces the carbon footprint of our clothing during their lifetime.
+ All of our paper products are 100% recyclable



Izabel London LTD. are proud of our partnership with reGAIN app. Our partnership rewards customers for recycling unwanted clothing, accessories, and shoes and diverting these items from landfills across the UK.

Help us build a more sustainable world of fashion with reGAIN. Rather than throwing away old clothing, shoes and accessories you can divert them away from landfills and turn them into discounts.
reGAIN app

Turn your unwanted clothes into discounts in just 3 simple steps.


  1. Download and register on the app.
  2. Put unwanted items in a box or bag, print your free shipping label and take your parcel to a drop off point
  3. Unlock your discount codes! 
Download the reGAIN App now and Join the recycling revolution!


 reGAIN App Store  reGAIIN for android  
 *Available on the apple app store or Google play. You can send a minimum of ten items. Your code will be activated after 30 minutes from the drop-off time.


Izabel London LTD. pride ourselves on promoting inclusivity. We are continuously inspired by our customers to create and supply clothing that meets the latest trends and allows our customers to have the confidence to wear our clothing their way.

We work closely with a number of model agencies to ensure we promote responsible, healthy body images to our customers. We strive to ensure our models reflect a varied and inclusive image with models ranging in heights, body type, dimensions and nationalities.

We are passionate about our customers and constantly work to ensure we provide excellent customer service across all channels. We strive to ensure our customer service meets the needs of our customers and enables a journey which is as smooth and hassle free as possible.
We offer FREE UK returns and our customer service team responds to all enquires within 24hrs across email and social channels.


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