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Customer Complaints

Izabel London Complaints


How Do I Complain?

We're really sorry you are unhappy and we want to help you. Our aim is to resolve your complaint as quickly as we can, and to it right first time.
If you have a complaint about a delivery, product or our customer service, please contact us following the below options.


Email Us

For us to be able to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible please ensure you have the below information to hand:
Your Name, *Account Address, *Account Number, Order Number & Contact Details


Write to Us


Complaints Team, Izabel London, 12-14 Chase Road, Park Royal, London, UK, NW10 6EZ

For us to be able to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible please ensure you include the below information, along with a short summary of your complaint:

Your Name, *Account Address, *Account Number & Contact Details

*If you are not an Izabel London customer then please provide your Name, Short Summary and Contact details.


Our Complaints Process

We're always aiming to get it right first time, but if we make a mistake we'll try to put it right as quickly as we can.
If you have a complaint, please contact us using the details above and our team will be happy to help you and your complaints resolved. We'll do our best to come to a satisfactory resolution as quickly as we can, for you. If we need to investigate your complaint further, we'll confirm receipt of your complaint within 5 working days and, in many cases, resolve the problem within 4 weeks of receiving your complaint.
Complex complaints may take a little longer. In this case, we'll always let you know that we need to keep working on your complaint in order to resolve it.


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