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Whether you love a statement shape, modern sequins or delicate lace details our collection of evening dresses is where you’ll find the perfect match. From maxi dresses, 1920s inspired flapper dresses to fit & flare lace dresses we've got you covered.

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What are evening dresses?


The classic evening dress has hugely evolved over the years, from what might have been an elaborate ball gown to a slinky figure-hugging style to sequinned and glitzy dresses for red carpet events.


An evening dress doesn’t just have to mean a gown that you wear after 5pm, but it can cover any formal dresses for an event and can be as dressy or as simple as you like.

Most evening dresses will be floor length but they can come in so many different patterns, colours and cuts, and they’re a style that every woman should embrace in their wardrobe.


Who should wear evening dresses?


Long dresses are not off limits to any body shape or figure, and half the fun is trying out different styles to see what suits you
and what look you want to go for.


If you like a bold style then feather evening dresses can flatter your figures as well as floral styles and bodycon evening dress styles. You can also choose classic shapes like wrap evening dresses, shift dresses or skater styles for a look that will be timeless and chic.


When should I wear evening dresses?


Evening dresses can be worn at any time of year, and
there are even beach evening dresses for dusk-time events on the sand. The classic cocktail dress is usually the ‘go to’ for most evening events, but it doesn’t have to be. You can try out more casual styles if you’re not too sure what works for you, and that can include
a swing evening dress or 


When it gets to a festive time of year, an evening dress with a holiday theme can also be a fun addition to your wardrobe for any
Christmas or New Year parties.


Yet evening dresses work for classic affairs and formal events, including weddings and dinner events, and they will be your ‘go to’ for parties and going out.


How should I wear evening dresses? What pairs well with evening dresses?


Evening dresses are staple pieces for any wardrobe, but they can be tricky to style and dress up and can seem daunting for others. If you’re wondering how to make your evening dress suit your personal taste or work with other pieces in your wardrobe, we have some styling tips for you to make evening dresses feel effortless.

Try out metallics for an easy glam style in gold and silver
that can be paired with understated jewellery or even with metallic makeup for a disco-inspired look. Or go for a black and white style for monochrome chic that looks stylish and timeless.


With so many colours and styles to choose from you can pick from any shade of the rainbow and create a bold eye catching style by clashing it with another or trying it out with sequins, patterns or prints.


Remember half the fun of getting dressed up is styling your outfit and choosing what works for your individual style and anything goes!


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