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How to Wear Florals

Floral prints have been a go-to style choice for generations and for good reason; ditsy florals are perfect for Spring, bright colour saturated florals for Summer, bold monochrome florals for Autumn and beyond. Naturally uplifting, it’s obvious why floral fashion has continued to bloom over the years.

Floral patterns are a celebration of nature’s strength and beauty. Well, in terms of style this couldn’t be more true. Adorning ourselves in images of beautiful flora and fauna has long been a proven way to lift our mood and encourage feelings of positivity and tranquility.

Read on to find inspiration on a variety of easy-to-wear floral prints to give new life to your closet and put a pep in your step!

Classic Floral 

If you’re a traditionalist, then a classic floral print will likely appeal to you. Think bouquets of roses or lilies, with an abundance of foliage and greenery. Classical floral designs also tend to feature decorative flower buds surrounding larger flower heads creating a romantic yet vibrant pattern. 

Think carefully about the tone of the occasion you’re dressing for. Opt for something bright and bold to make a statement for a day at the races. Otherwise, delicate pastel shades will be sophisticated style for a daytime wedding.

Floral Peplum Blouse

Ditsy Patterns

The ditsy floral print radiates spring and summer vibes. Soft and feminine, ditsy designs usually feature a scattered haze of small flowerheads, petals or buds to create a dreamy delicate feel that’s especially fitting for the warm weather seasons. 

A great option if you want something stylish but with a casual feel. More of a daytime look, ditsy patterns usually depict simple, wild flowers such as daisies and forget-me-nots. If you like the idea of experimenting with them, try out a dainty tea dress, billowy summer blouse or a floaty maxi skirt. 

Ditsy Floral Cut Out Back Dress

Vintage and Retro Designs

Difficult to fully define, these styles are a nod to the 1970s florals and often feature perfectly faded pastel designs. Vintage florals can be bold and often gaudy (but don't let that put you off) the brighter the better when it comes to retro florals; think large floral designs and prints saturated in colour and pattern. 

Colour clashing florals are the perfect way to revive this trend, our personal pick is soft pinks paired with greens or even reds, yellows and brown shades grouped together for a distinctly retro feeling.

If you're feeling bold a great way to incorporate a vintage inspired floral is to add a pair of statement floral printed trousers to your closet they're the ideal companion for a sunshine getaway paired with a swimsuit and sandals or for a picnic in the park with a white t-shirt and trainers. However if you prefer skirts to trousers then the vintage floral trend lends itself to this perfectly with floor sweeping maxi skirts making the perfect base for a bold pattern.

The floral maxi dress is the timeless way to take on the retro inspired trend; it's perfect for daytime events, garden parties, holidays and even city breaks. A stunning summer maxi dress is an instant outfit and a bold statement without the effort.

Floral Ruched Maxi Dress

Abstract Prints

Explore abstract prints for a modern take on the floral trend. Combining patterns and shapes to resemble flowers without actually illustrating them, the result is a vibrant design that embraces the floral style without looking overly twee.

You’ll find abstract florals all over the fashion world. Everything from flower heads in the form of giant colour splashes, to jagged geometric prints suggesting gusts of leaves and petals. 

Like modern art, abstract prints can be bold in appearance but their true identity is subtle and mysterious. If you like making a statement then abstract florals could be the perfect fit for you.

Abstract Floral and Animal Print Dress

The Monochrome Trend

The term monochrome simply translates to mean “one colour”. Incorporating florals into this trend requires finding a design featuring varied shades of a single colour; to create a refined tonal look.

Monochromatic prints have always been associated with luxury style as they have a sophisticated look. Sure to turn heads, the monochrome look has a chic and effortless feeling. Wear a monochrome floral shirt dress for sophisticated occasion such as a wedding or to the races. It’s also a great option to add some drama to a winter wardrobe. 

Tropical Style

Tropical prints are the obvious choice for warm weather holidays especially when paired with a lightweight tunic top and a pair of stone wash culotte trousers. Everything from sundresses to maxi skirts and swimwear cover-ups are given an instant beach-style glamour with this vivid and exotic design.  Think palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, orchids and bird of paradise – we can hear the waves lapping on the shore already! 

Tropical Floral Long Sleeve Blouse



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