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Non-Halloween Outfits for Halloween

It’s spooky season and by non-halloween outfits we mean, dresses and tops you can wear all year around but also style for Halloween – a sustainable, inexpensive and smart idea that we support! We’ve put together some classic costume ideas that you can DIY for a last minute easy Halloween look.

The classic all black attire:

An all black look that you can dress up with some accessories to fit any theme is a clear go-to. Whether it’s a dress or top, think fitted lace and statement details to bring out that dark night or scary shadows inspired looks.

Animal print:

Going to a themed party? Animal print is a great way to bring out that wild side effortlessly, and you can decide whether to dress it up or keep it casual. Add some whiskers and fake ears for an instant outfit while still looking stylish and on theme.

Glitz, glam and the Great Gatsby:

If you do decide to go all out, make a sophisticated statement with elegant pieces that are perfect for masquerade or 1920’s themed parties. The best part is that you can definitely re-wear the pieces for Christmas and New Years in a few months time.


Last minute “costumes” to die for:

Get creative and think of the modern witch, vampire, or magician; what would they wear? Hanky hems, knee high boots and statement prints. 

Don’t be afraid to go all out on the make-up (or face paint) and accessories too!


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