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The New Season Must Have Prints

Wearing print is the easiest way to elevate any look, no matter what the occasion.

This season, expect printed tops, dresses, jackets and even trousers. And don’t worry, animal prints are here to stay and will continue to bring the playful and modern twist to the looks we’ve loved wearing this year.

When it comes to the ultimate all year round print, floral prints are always a clear winner. Ditsy florals bring a demure and feminine charm while still being versatile when it comes to dressing up your outfit for occasions or keeping it casual for everyday wear. For the autumn season, try incorporating deeper and darker colours mixed with light toned prints to celebrate the change of season. 

Updating your new season wardrobe just got a lot more interesting!

Our favourite prints eventually always come back in style and we’re excited to share that alongside the tie dye print, brushstroke prints are back. The striking and artistic print brings a touch of elegance whether you’re wearing it to the office, an evening out or a lunch date. Style these prints with minimal jewellery, your favourite jeans and a jacket for the colder weather.

Not looking to make too much of a bold statement? Opt for monotone or block coloured prints if you’re looking for a subtle take on prints. Geometric patterns add a sophisticated touch to the simplest ensembles, making them an easy go-to when you’re looking for something new to wear. 


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