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Plain jeans

Seasons come and go but a good pair of jeans never go out of fashion. Discover the perfect jeans with our collection of denim for women, including staple skinnies, high waisted, mom jeans and boy friend styles.

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What are jeans?


Jeans have become an essential part of our wardrobes, and with so many different styles they are now one of the most versatile pieces too.


They were originally created by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in the 19th century before they quickly became a workwear staple and then a wardrobe essential. Defined by their denim material, classic shape with a button clasp, a zipper, belt loops, and both front and back pockets, with copper rivets to reinforce the pockets. 


However, jeans have come a long way since the 19th century and now they are one of the most worn pieces of clothing around the world, and they’re the must-have piece for your wardrobe too. Whether you want khaki jeansstraight cut or wide-leg styles, there is a type of denim that will work for you. 


Who should wear jeans?


Choosing the right style of jeans can seem daunting with so many different styles to choose from. Black jeans can be the perfect backdrop for a colourful outfit as well as being slimming and flattering, yet blue jeans are the classic denim style and look great for casual looks as well as paired with white in summer.


To lengthen the leg, skinny jeans have been loved by supermodels like Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid and have become a wardrobe staple
over the years. Yet they aren’t the only option, flared jeans can be great for balancing out curves instead of opting for a slimmer cut and wide-leg styles can be the perfect retro nod whilst being flattering.


Comfort is always key for the perfect outfit, and jeggings are great for those of us who want to feel as comfortable as possible whilst having the look of denim.


When should I wear jeans?


Jeans are often thought of as casual only, but they can be easily dressed up or dressed down depending on how you want to wear them. Jeans can work for smart casual dress codes as well as being the perfect weekend outfit or even for going out with friends or on a date night.


There are so many styles that work for casual or dressy occasions and even ones that work for specific events like festivals. Denim can work all year round, no matter what style you’re looking for.


How should I wear jeans? What pairs well with jeans?


There are millions of ways to style jeans and denim, everyone can wear jeans in a way that suits them. Dress them up with floral blouses for work or make the perfect going-out outfit with a lace cami top and jeans or pair them with a leather biker jacket for the perfect off-duty style. When the weather gets colder, they look great with knitwear to make the perfect cosy outfit for staying warm and stylish.


Jeans also work with every type of footwear, including heels, boots, trainers and pumps and they will be one of the most reached-for pieces in your wardrobe for your days off, work wardrobe and for stylish outfits too.


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