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Look no further for your perfect jumper dress. Our collection of jumper dresses features the best styles that this trend has to offer. From knitted dresses to midi dresses and skater styles find the next jumper dress to fall in love with.

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What are jumper dresses?


Jumper dresses are your wardrobe’s best friend when the weather gets colder and we’re getting chillier, which is when we start reaching for our knitwear. 


Combining the classic style of a dress with the cosy material of cashmere, wool or chunky knits, a jumper dress is the easy ‘throw on’ item that every woman needs. They're effortlessly wearable, perfect for those cold winter markets and it’s also one of the quickest ways to look chic and fashionable with one simple


By definition, a jumper dress is simply a dress version of a jumper for your wardrobe and easy capsule collection, but it can be so much more than that. Dressed up with heeled boots for date night or thrown on with hiking boots for casual weekend plans, the jumper dress is a winter wardrobe staple that no wardrobe should be without.


Who should wear jumper dresses?


Jumper dresses come in just as many styles and shapes as regular dresses, and this means there is something to suit every single woman and their individual figure.


Whether you’re petite, tall, curvy, slim; love casual dressing or you’re looking for the perfect going-out jumper dress, there’s a style that works for you. Go for a fitted bodycon dress if you want to show off your figure or want a comfortable yet tailored silhouette for the office. If you’d like to draw attention away from a problem area then a dress like a long sleeve knit dress or a knit midi dress can cover up the areas you want to whilst staying effortlessly chic.


When should I wear jumper dresses?


Jumper dresses are always great when the temperature drops and the season changes, so in autumn they look stylish paired with boots and bare legs before adding tights when it gets chillier in the winter months. 


Summer is not the ideal season for wearing a knit jumper dress, but when the weather is unpredictable it might feel right to be wrapping up. Keep your jumper dresses for the colder seasons of the year and leave the summer for beach dresses or cami-style dresses instead.


How should I wear jumper dresses? What pairs well with jumper dresses?


When it comes to styling jumper dresses, there are so many choices. Dressed up or dressed down, jumper dresses can be one of the most stylish and hardworking items in your wardrobe based on how you style it.


Jumper dresses are easy to accessorise with knee-high boots and a tailored coat, perfect for that in-between weather or for stomping through the autumn leaves. 


For a more casual outfit, throw on a chunky knit bodycon dress with tights and biker boots for an easy ‘go to’ look that can work on the school run, for a casual dinner with friends or for the weekend off-duty look. A loos fitting casual jumper dress can be paired with trainers for a pub lunch or a weekend walk in the park.


There’s also the chance to embrace colour with a bold pink jumper dress, or stay monochromatic with a black jumper dress that can be teamed with matching accessories for a chic look that never dates.


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