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Orange Is The New Black

Tangerine, pumpkin, apricot and marmalade…no, we’re not trying ingredients for a tasty new recipe, we’re talking the season’s latest fashion colour trend – orange!

It’s certainly a bold one, but summer is all about vibrancy, so why not be brave and put some fire into your warm weather capsule wardrobe.

Read on to find out more about which shades might work for you, and how to inject this statement colour into your closet, whether you’re simply dipping in a toe, or going for a deep dive into this hot new trend.

Which tone works for you?

Orange is a warm colour. Made from a mix of the primary colours red and yellow, these can be blended together to form a full spectrum of orange shades, ranging from deep, bold and bright, like blood orange and copper, to more mellow shades - think of honey and mango. 

Adding neutral hues to the mix and you’ll also get pastel shades of orange, while brown tones will deepen a mellow shade, taking you down a path of mustard, bronze and the like.

When choosing which tone is right for you, it’s really all about trying it out. Pop to your favourite high street store or take a look online and see what attracts you. 

Think about your skin tone and hair colour. On the whole, paler skins will be flattered by more fiery reddish tones. Olive skin tones can happily experiment with the yellow end of the orange spectrum, while dark skin tones can really go for any shade of orange – so go straight for a knockout shade, if you feel brave enough!

Pretty patterns

Prints, patterns and colour block designs are a great way to incorporate a bold colour into your look. If you simply want to make a nod to the trend, try finding a print that includes orange, but has a main focus on other colours. 

This could be seen in a busy floral print with flowerheads all clustered together, so the effect is little orange flecks rather than big bright bursts of colour. Likewise, a dreamy tie dye print could blend a few splashes of soft amber or saffron into its palette. 

Prints can also go down a statement path, with orange featured as a key colour. A bold animal or abstract print using just a couple of colours will really allow the orange hue to pop out, making for a real showstopping style.

The background of a busy print is also a nice way of introducing orange to your look. Delicate flower buds on a fiery background will make heads turn, while a soft pastel orange, overlayed with a bright design of shapes in other colours will make a gentle nod to the orange trend.

Head to Toe

A vibrant colour like orange can be a bit daunting, so depending on how bold you want to go, it’s worth considering the style of clothing you’d like to wear. 

A maxi or midi dress which showcases a print with orange shades will make a statement, while a vibrant blouse or t-shirt paired with jeans and trainers will add a casual feel, balancing your look by breaking up the colour and adding a different texture.

Otherwise, why not go all out with a two-piece ensemble both featuring bright orange shades. A maxi skirt with a floral print can be paired with a plain orange top or cardigan to make the orange shades in the skirt’s pattern really pop out.

What’s the occasion?

Being such a statement colour, orange really lends itself to certain occasions. If you’re off on summer holidays this sizzling shade is perfect for a warm weather style. Try a sundress or a beach cover up, and even go for orange swimwear for the highest impact.

Weddings are another occasion where, as a guest, you can really get creative. Don’t upstage the bride by choosing anything too brash or garish, but a chiffon or viscose dress with splashes of soft orange hues like apricot or peach will be chic and stylish.

Meanwhile, an evening out with the girls allows for letting your hair down. Go ahead and explore some head-turning styles, from a block-coloured orange tunic top to a statement print shirt dress. Add a neutral-toned faux leather jacket and strappy heels to finish your look.

Three ways to work orange into your closet

1.Puzzle pieces: Adding new items to your wardrobe needs consideration. On the one hand, there are easy options, like a statement dress that can stand alone, paired simply with neutral shoes and accessories. But tops, trousers and skirts need co-ordinating. 

First go through what you already own, then see where you might need a splash of colour or a refresh. Maybe it’s a vibrant orange blouse to pair with jeans and elevate your weekend closet, or an orange-toned maxi skirt to team with a fresh white tee. 

2. Standout or subtle: Just because orange can be bold, doesn’t mean you have to go all out. Terracotta, peach, saffron, coral…all these shades can be super stylish and demure. On the other hand, making a statement is great fun. If the opportunity presents itself, be brave and turn up the heat, you won’t regret it!

3. Accessorise: If you love the idea of trying orange but can’t find a clothing style you’re comfortable in, then why not just accessorise? A statement belt or clutch bag can have a pretty big impact in this bold colour. Metallics such a gold and bronze work in perfect harmony with orange shades, so look out for accessories with metallic clasps and buckles for an elegant look to make you stand out from the crowd.


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